Daniel Smith Watercolors/ DOT CARD SERIES

Sit back and relax and enjoy the amazing colors of these Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints! They are lucious! I received these Daniel Smith Watercolor Dot cards as a gift and I am going to explore the colors and properties of Daniel Smith watercolor paints in this new series. As you will see I am finding new excitement in these paints and learning new properties of the watercolor paints. I will check off new colors that I want to just go buy right away and some that I want to find out more about because they are so similar in color and feel.

I believe painting should be and exciting and enjoyable experience with your supplies. I love how some of the Daniel Smith watercolor paints just melt as if it were butter in a hot pan! I am also finding that some of the Daniel Smith watercolor paint has more granulation that could be used for wonderful effects on cold press or rough paper. That can be beneficial in rendering nature paintings. I would love to take some of these paints that I will get and do some flower and landscape paintings. The vibrancy of these Daniel Smith watercolor paints are so wonderful that they make my heart sing! I love the way paint and color makes me feel inside! I am so excited about this series!

You will be hearing my true reactions to these paints as I swatch these beautiful Daniel Smith Watercolors! What a wonderful gift this is and what a wonderful way to market their beautiful Daniel Smith Watercolor paints! I can’t wait to do the next video and test out more Daniel Smith Watercolor paints! Here are some helpful affiliate links to get started on this wonderful paint and feel good journey! I am even finding more things as I pull these links for you! It is so exciting!

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Watercolor Peony Card with Daniel Smith Paints/ Jean Haines Master Set

Learn how to watercolor paint peonies on a card with the Daniel Smith Jean Haines Master Set or just add to your collection! These paints are so GOOD! They are wonderful for any floral, nature painting or landscape painting. The Daniel Smith Jean Haines Master set are my paints of choice right now and they are perfect for mixing wonderful colors! They are so full of pigment that it takes very little paint to get beautiful rich colors.

I started these flowers painting each petal separately, however ended up using a watercolor wash over the flowers and then went in with my darker values. I will list the supplies with affiliate links so you can find the exact supplies I used, however you can use the supplies you have on hand.

I can’t wait to try this flower on larger better paper to make artwork to give to my mom. Paint this like I have it (traceable on my website linked below) or arrange them any way you like. This set is going to be wonderful to paint flowers all summer long! Daniel Smith has beautiful, highly pigmented paint that I am falling in love with the more I use! I can’t wait to do some abstract with this set and just play! Try and get the starter set and just put out a little color and just start mixing to see what you get! It is very exciting! But if the starter set is not available anymore just pick up the colors that are in the starter set.

Here they are listed! I used Opera Pink, Quinacridone Magenta, Cascade Green, Nickel Azo Yellow and a touch of Aussie Red Gold in the Brown mix but I don’t think you will need the Aussie Red Gold for this painting.

You can use a ceramic dish or plate to mix but I put my paints in this Portable painter pallet. I also used a Princeton velvet touch #6 round brush and a creative mark mimick #4 round on Strathmore Watercolor Card. The ink details were done with a Pigma Micron .005. Have fun creating some Happy Mail for your people!

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Cascade green

Green Apatite Genuine

Opera Pink

Quinacridone Magenta

Imperial Purple

Nickel Azo Yellow

Aussie Red Gold


Undersea Green

Lunar Blue

Here is what I used:

Daniel Smith Paints:

Portable Painter pallet:

Princeton Velvet Touch Watercolor Brushes:

Creative Mark Mimick Watercolor Brushes:

Strathmore Watercolor Cards:

Pigma Micron:

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Iris Watercolor Card


Hello Everyone! This watercolor painting was done for my Mom on Mother’s Day. I am a little behind schedule on getting this posted, however you can do this for any upcoming birthday or just to cheer someone up during this stay at home quarantine. This would be perfect for those in long term health care facilities that are still being sheltered. I painted this with a limited pallet using Dr. Ph Martin’s Hydrus Liquid watercolors. The colors were ultramarine blue, quinacridone magenta and new gamboge yellow. I have had these watercolors for several years and they were still good after shaking them up. I did notice a little granulation when mixing the blue and yellow but none with the blue and magenta. I am excited to try some abstract watercolor flowing art with these paints! I think they will work perfectly!

I will include the original reference photo that I took at my Mom’s house with my Iphone. The pictures that cell phones can take are wonderful! I have so many pictures that I am planning at least a years worth of content! I will also include some helpful affiliate links to Amazon where you can purchase these paints and other supplies I used for this painting. Also keep going because I will attach the video tutorial for this painting! I hope you enjoy!







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Hello All,

I have a home in the Pigeon Forge Area in Tennessee (Home of the Great Smoky Mountains) I rent it out on VRBO so other people can have a home setting during their vacation. It is a beautiful property that inspires me to create everyday! Watch my Youtube video to see the items I include in my tote. This property would be a wonderful place for a group of artists to get together and spread out with their easels and pick a spot to relax and draw or paint. It was rainy the day I created so I picked this table to set up my “Mini Art Studio”. I keep a tote with inexpensive art supplies handy so if the inspiration strikes me, I have everything I need. I will leave affiliate links to similar items in my tote. The pictures included in this post does not do this property justice. The views are beautiful! Take a look at Twenty-Six Acres to get a more inclusive look at this property and what it can offer artists. It is truly a retreat to immerse yourself in the beauty that can provide many opportunities for beautiful pieces of work!











Watercolor Travel Kit

Cheap DIY Watercolor Travel Kit

Everyone LOVES a watercolor travel kit to take with them so they can be ready on a whim to sketch and paint whenever the feeling hits! I get an excitement when I am on the road or taking a walk and see a beautiful picture in nature or in a coffee shop or restaurant. I do have my phone to document these moments but somehow a painting or sketch right then and there in the moment… in real life can really capture the essence and feeling of what you see and why it caught your attention in the first place. There is beauty in everything around us! I really like to observe and find the beautiful in everything! There is beauty in a fresh spring flower or tree and there is beauty in a withering flower or tree because it speaks of the new season coming forth! There is beauty in a smiling baby and there is beauty in a crying baby. Look hard around that crying baby and you may see a beautiful Momma that is preparing that baby’s food. In the dead of winter when everything seems blustery and cold, I see a beautiful blanket of snow that is putting the earth to sleep to rest and heal for the upcoming spring. It is a peaceful quiet that is quite comforting to me. I see beauty during this time of the COVID-19 crisis. I see the beauty of people caring for each other and the beauty of appreciation and gratitude of the freedoms we have in this country. I also see the beauty of healing and the beauty of science! How fortunate we are to live in the greatest time in history! So put together a small kit and get ready to travel and document your journey! Don’t wait! Go for a walk or sit on your front porch and find the beauty today! Here are some helpful amazon affiliate links that will help me if you click on them (it doesn’t cost you any more) Thank You in Advance!

Travel Art Bag: Or use what you have

Travel Watercolor Kit: or use what you have

Sketchbook: or use what you have. I couldn’t find this exact sketchbook on amazon but here is a variety of sketchbooks that will do the trick!

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My First Student Grade Cheap Watercolor Set! Pelikan Brand from Blick Art Supply

I have always painted in one way or another. Years ago I took a class on Decorative Tole Painting. It was acrylics and it was fun painting on wood cutout shapes but it seemed to be a fad and the market in my area faded away as well as the classes and the storage space for all the wood! I eventually gave all of my stuff away after getting busy working and raising kids. We also had a small business to run so personal time was a luxury I didn’t have at that time in my life. We raised our kids when we were young so I am still enjoying myself now that we are empty nesters. When that happened about 10 years ago, I took back my time and my passions in life! I wanted to PAINT AGAIN! I went to the local Blick Art Supply and looked around for hours! It is like a candy store! I took the advice of one of the sales people (also artists) and picked up this student grade Pelikan Watercolor Set. I have had so much fun learning techniques and exploring color that I just wanted more! I have upgraded as time has went on to many different kinds of paint, both student grade, craft and professional paints. I just LOVE going into a Blick Art Supply Store!

Try looking around at this affiliate link below! They have sooo much to choose from and let yourself get lost in learning to love what you have to give to yourself!

Blick Watercolors

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Watercolor Brush Organization

Hello Friends! I was having a terrible clutter problem on my desk with my watercolor brushes, pencils and gel pens until I decided to finally utilize this “Stay at Home” time and get out this lazy susan art/craft tool organizer! Why did I wait so long! I have had it for a while! It organizes everything I need in a contained area and I can access my art tools so easily! It frees up so much space on my desk and makes everything look cleaner! I love that I can put little labels above the drawers. I could put what is in the drawers but I chose to put inspirational words on pink cardstock. I just love it! I can’t wait to put some of the other organization ideas I have to work in my studio! Check out the video and I will put some helpful affiliate links for you to find a similar setup! Just click here! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for artwork and everyday happenings!

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Staying at Home making Watercolor Birthday Cards


Hey Everyone! I know I have birthday’s and other celebrations coming up in the future so staying at home can be productive! I decided to make all of my cards from home this year during the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine. It does the mind good to keep all things positive and control our thought life! So get out all of the supplies you have and make something beautiful to mail or even to keep for yourself! This particular card is for my Dad. I took Strathmore Watercolor cards (affiliate links included) and Prima watercolors Tropical set, sketched a drawing and painted away! I did this painting in layers making sure each layer dried before adding the next so the paint wouldn’t bleed into the area I just painted. I personally like to outline my paintings in an illustrative style but you can do what you would like. I also highlighted with a little white gel pen. The links to the items I used are included in this text. Just click on the supply and it will take you right to Amazon. It helps my channel but doesn’t cost you any extra to buy! Let me know if any of these links are broken and I will email you a new link 😉 Be sure and note the download above for the traceable for this project!

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Loose Watercolor Intuitive Red Flowering Tree


How easy can you get? Drop in a couple of background colors and drop in some watercolors.. Literally! Magic can happen no matter how long you have been painting! This is so easy! Let yourself go or let your child watch and take off with it! It seems the younger they are the more free they are with the paintbrush and the more expressive the picture! This picture was done with Canson Watercolor paper and Arteza watercolor paints. I will link below my affiliate link to make it easy for you to find the materials. Watch my YouTube video for easy to follow tutorial. I am having a blast during my quarantine. I am just as worried as everyone about the uncertain times but the creative juices are really flowing. I am wondering if it is because a lot of things have been forced off of my plate and my mind is freed up to bring in ideas! I am feeling more bold to put my art out there and see what happens. Take a chance!

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Easy Loose Watercolor tutorial

Best Kids Watercolor paint

4 different kids watercolor sets compared

I owned 4 different sets of kids watercolor sets. I decided to compare them after doing a post on the cheapest of them all…Crayola. I found out that Crayola was really the best! Join me on my YouTube channel to see this video comparison in action. I know that everyone may already have watercolor sets at home for their children but during this time of quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak, you may need to use what you have and that is perfectly ok! Kids just want to have fun and they can learn the basic principles of watercolor with any set! Use this time to get supplies together and give kids the tools to create pics of their family, house, yard or cards to send to friends and family! I would love to see some of their creations and yours! Paint your meaning of Life and post on my instagram or facebook account. I will link them both below. Also, follow me on Twitter and YouTube!

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