Inexpensive Watercolor Pallets to Create Beautiful Art

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I love most watercolor sets but I will choose the set that fits my needs according to what I am painting and why I am painting it. If I am practicing or developing an idea then I will start with a less expensive but good watercolor set. I do enjoy the Prima sets! They come in a variety of color combos and mix well and go down on the paper quite nicely! I will start an idea on inexpensive paper as well. I like to use Canson XL watercolor paper. The brushes I enjoy using are inexpensive but subjective to each person. It is such a relaxing process just to be able to play and experiment and reach that zen place and not worry about wasting a lot of money during the learning process. As an older woman nearing retirement age, I am seeking enrichment through arts and crafts and as I learn and develop, I don’t want to break the bank! There is so much to explore!

Tulip painted with Prima Watercolors
Brand New Prima Watercolors
Brand new Prima Watercolors
Easy Watercolor Tulip

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