Fun backgrounds and stamping with Crayola Watercolors and any stamps you want! Make it your own!

Watercolor Background stamped with spring flowers by Dina Wakely and sentiment from Dyan Reavley

This is an easy and cheap project with Crayola Watercolor set from Walmart, Target or any drugstore! Just add water and go for it! They are non-toxic and wash right up with water! I made a YouTube video on how to do it and I will link it below. I have made this simple and fun and you can use any supplies that you may have on hand as well. I will also link the supplies I used if you want to get them from Amazon. This is a simple project for kids to do while home from school during the COVID-19 Outbreak and quarantine. We need a little cheer and fun during this time! Stay safe and have fun! Spring is here!


Crayola/ Prang Watercolors

Watercolor paintbrushes

Watercolor paper

Stamp kits

More spring stamp kits

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