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4 different kids watercolor sets compared

I owned 4 different sets of kids watercolor sets. I decided to compare them after doing a post on the cheapest of them all…Crayola. I found out that Crayola was really the best! Join me on my YouTube channel to see this video comparison in action. I know that everyone may already have watercolor sets at home for their children but during this time of quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak, you may need to use what you have and that is perfectly ok! Kids just want to have fun and they can learn the basic principles of watercolor with any set! Use this time to get supplies together and give kids the tools to create pics of their family, house, yard or cards to send to friends and family! I would love to see some of their creations and yours! Paint your meaning of Life and post on my instagram or facebook account. I will link them both below. Also, follow me on Twitter and YouTube!

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