Loose Watercolor Intuitive Red Flowering Tree


How easy can you get? Drop in a couple of background colors and drop in some watercolors.. Literally! Magic can happen no matter how long you have been painting! This is so easy! Let yourself go or let your child watch and take off with it! It seems the younger they are the more free they are with the paintbrush and the more expressive the picture! This picture was done with Canson Watercolor paper and Arteza watercolor paints. I will link below my affiliate link to make it easy for you to find the materials. Watch my YouTube video for easy to follow tutorial. I am having a blast during my quarantine. I am just as worried as everyone about the uncertain times but the creative juices are really flowing. I am wondering if it is because a lot of things have been forced off of my plate and my mind is freed up to bring in ideas! I am feeling more bold to put my art out there and see what happens. Take a chance!

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Easy Loose Watercolor tutorial

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