Watercolor Brush Organization

Hello Friends! I was having a terrible clutter problem on my desk with my watercolor brushes, pencils and gel pens until I decided to finally utilize this “Stay at Home” time and get out this lazy susan art/craft tool organizer! Why did I wait so long! I have had it for a while! It organizes everything I need in a contained area and I can access my art tools so easily! It frees up so much space on my desk and makes everything look cleaner! I love that I can put little labels above the drawers. I could put what is in the drawers but I chose to put inspirational words on pink cardstock. I just love it! I can’t wait to put some of the other organization ideas I have to work in my studio! Check out the video and I will put some helpful affiliate links for you to find a similar setup! Just click here! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for artwork and everyday happenings!

Stay Home and Stay Happy!

Love, Denise


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