Watercolor Travel Kit

Everyone LOVES a watercolor travel kit to take with them so they can be ready on a whim to sketch and paint whenever the feeling hits! I get an excitement when I am on the road or taking a walk and see a beautiful picture in nature or in a coffee shop or restaurant. IContinue reading “Watercolor Travel Kit”


Staying at Home making Watercolor Birthday Cards

Hey Everyone! I know I have birthday’s and other celebrations coming up in the future so staying at home can be productive! I decided to make all of my cards from home this year during the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine. It does the mind good to keep all things positive and control our thought life!Continue reading “Staying at Home making Watercolor Birthday Cards”

Loose Watercolor Intuitive Red Flowering Tree

How easy can you get? Drop in a couple of background colors and drop in some watercolors.. Literally! Magic can happen no matter how long you have been painting! This is so easy! Let yourself go or let your child watch and take off with it! It seems the younger they are the more freeContinue reading “Loose Watercolor Intuitive Red Flowering Tree”

Best Kids Watercolor paint

I owned 4 different sets of kids watercolor sets. I decided to compare them after doing a post on the cheapest of them all…Crayola. I found out that Crayola was really the best! Join me on my YouTube channel to see this video comparison in action. I know that everyone may already have watercolor setsContinue reading “Best Kids Watercolor paint”

Fun backgrounds and stamping with Crayola Watercolors and any stamps you want! Make it your own!

This is an easy and cheap project with Crayola Watercolor set from Walmart, Target or any drugstore! Just add water and go for it! They are non-toxic and wash right up with water! I made a YouTube video on how to do it and I will link it below. I have made this simple andContinue reading “Fun backgrounds and stamping with Crayola Watercolors and any stamps you want! Make it your own!”

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